Why elevaid?

Integrated carbon intelligence, fully in your control.

  • Accuracy
    Aircraft tailsign and route-specific climate model
  • Automation
    Fully-automated emission tracking and offsetting
  • Action
    Near real-time ("near-time") compensation
Getting started
5 minutes.
Instant online onboarding
& no initial invest
Time-consuming sales talks
& onboarding fees
Emission assessment
near-time offsetting
Annual spreadsheet accounting,
up to 1 year delay of climate action
Climate model
Aircraft and route-specific,
non-CO2 effects with highest accuracy
as climatological latitude-height dependent model
Generalist functions based on flight duration,
non-CO2 effects as inadequate simplification
via constant CO2-based factors
Offsetting projects
Tailored offsetting portfolio
with premium certified projects
One size fits all,
limited choice & limited flexibility
Pay as you fly
& cancel anytime
Yearly accounting,
cost-intensive bulk expenses
Emission insights
Interactive online emission dashboard
with climate impact deep dive, trend monitoring, ...
Annual (paper-based) report,
disconnected from carbon strategy
You'll be in good company.
Join our customers and let sustainability drive commercial impact.
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