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elevaid asks for a small
percentage-based fee on-top of the offsetting costs.

Deducted per transaction, we take a fair share to keep delivering integrated carbon intelligence.
Looking behind the scenes

Why we need a small share

Offsetting project brokerage
Continuous trading of project shares is difficult. In parallel, all investments are carefully curated and checked for certification.
IT infrastructure
You fly, we offset. To ensure full automation we have set up a remarkable infrastructure. Data security and privacy first.
Payment flexibility
No hassle when it comes to payments. We want you to keep using your preferred payment providers.
User stories

More affordable than you can imagine

Embraer Phenom 300

Skiing the Alps with friends.

London, UK - St. Moritz, CH

9 tons CO2e

Total offsetting costs
$ 325

Gulfstream G650

Business trip to a conference.

Teterboro, NJ - Orlando, FL

28 tons CO2e

Total offsetting costs
$ 1,000

Cessna 172

Scouting the national parks nearby.

2 hour trip

120 kilograms CO2e

Total offsetting costs
$ 4

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