You fly,
we offset -
near real time.

Suspiciously simple, right?

How it works

Like subscribing to a streaming service


Register your fleet.

It all starts with your tailsign(s). After entering your aircraft, we calculate a personal emission forecast based on your historic flight movements. This helps you getting a feel for your footprint and creates transparency from the get-go.


Select offsetting plan.

Once registered, you can start crafting your offsetting portfolio to your liking. We help you set your preferences on:
- Climate project types
- Project countries
- Investment readiness


Pay as you fly.

After tailoring your compensation plan, you will receive an updated forecast of your potential offsetting expenses. Finally, select your preferred payment and start your net-zero journey.
Sit back and enjoy us doing the work!
The model

Creating climate insights

Our climate project portfolio

Impactful offsetting

Along with automating emission tracking comes our seamless offsetting process. Set your preferences on project types like country, technology, ... and we supply you with a tailored portfolio. Enjoy the service of continuously receiving highest standard climate projects and the reassurance of supporting certified third parties with real impact.
Air carbon removal
Mitigate climate change by permanently removing CO2 from the air. The carbon is injected underground and naturally converts into stone, which makes this method one of the safest long-term storage solutions available.

Category: Technology-based
Method: Direct Air Capture
Location: Iceland
Geological sequestration of bio-oil
A new carbon removal process that converts biomass into fast pyrolysis bio-oil. The oil is injected deep underground creating "negative" emissions.

Category: Technology-based
Method: Biomass
Location: United States
Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)
As a fuel produced from biological resources, SAF saves up to 80% of overall CO2 lifecycle emissions compared to its fossil counterpart. Your purchased SAF is put into circulation within the next 12 months. It is certified according to EU-ISCC and RED and feedstocks have not been derived from palm oil or acid distillates.

Category: Technology-based
Method: Alternative Fuels
Location: International
Solar panels for quality of life & education in Africa
The installation of photovoltaic cells on houses for electricity production grants families access to lighting and improves the livelihoods of people living in the rural regions of Kenya. The use of solar-powered lighting instead of kerosene lamps has positive effects on people’s health and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Category: Technology-based
Method: Renewable Energy
Location: Kenya and others
Strategic reforestation of coffee farms
This project helps small coffee farmers adapt to climate change and improve their income while supporting the economic and environmental sustainability of the coffee industry in Nicaragua. A strategic planting of disease resistant coffee plants in alternation with other multifunctional trees contributes to this goal.

Category: Nature-based
Method: Forestry and Land Use
Location: Nicaragua and others
Wind power in Nicaragua
Use wind as a zero emissions, renewable energy source to deliver electricity at an affordable price to Nicaragua’s power grid. This project features 19 wind turbines and is going to avoid 1 billion tonnes of CO2 in total.

Category: Technology-based
Method: Renewable Energy
Location: Nicaragua
Common Questions

Not quite convinced?

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Do I pay if I don't fly?
No. No flights, no emissions, no charge. You pay as you fly and charges will only become effective after you have completed at least one flight leg per month.
What happens with my or my customers' flight data?
elevaid's solution infrastructure runs in the most secure cloud computing environment available today. All flight data is stored securely and handled confidentially.
What are the payment options?
As of today, we support standard invoicing and credit cards. We are continuously working on expanding the payment options to deliver maximum flexibility to you.
Does elevaid also provide more than flight offsetting?
elevaid is focused on automating flight emission tracking and making this process as easy and accurately as possible. We are working hard to develop new features to further integrate carbon intelligence into your organization.
Other related services like Greenhouse Gas Reporting of your facility is currently out of our business scope. We are happy to recommend trusted business partners for any of your inquires. Just reach out!
Can I switch my offsetting portfolio preferences?
Yes, you can switch your preferences monthly with a lead time of 10 working days. Your compensation, your decision. elevaid supports full flexibility.
How does offsetting work?
In a nutshell: If certain emission-intensive activities cannot be avoided or are still a critical part of a process, offsetting of greenhouse gases offers the opportunity to compensate emissions that have occurred. For this, businesses or individuals can buy permits – or carbon credits – generated by climate projects that are cleaning up our atmosphere. Projects range from planting trees, recovering mangrove swamps to building wind farms or producing sustainable aviation fuel.
Can I double-check elevaid's calculations with my total fuel consumption at the end of the year?
Our climate models are of highest quality and accuracy but we believe in the freedom of control. Also, there are fuel parameters we cannot account for, yet (like strong head winds or other irregularities). Therefore, we support re-balancing based on your fuel accounting sheet of your company. This can be done in regular intervals or at the end of your subscription. You can find this functionality under your account options.
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